New Phone Systems

Businesses require a functional phone system they can rely on to perform their work efficiently. For most businesses, their number one requirement remains installing a flexible solution that meets all their requirements. The Avaya IP Office 500 is a solution businesses can use as a conventional phone system or a VOIP or hybrid phone system.

Avaya IP Office 500

  • Creates a faultless engagement experience for employees and customers from any location, device, and application
  • Expands to include around 3,000 users, either at one location or over 100 locations
  • Enables remote employees to interact with others from any location and device

Cloud VOIP Phone Systems

A cloud phone system enables businesses to cut costs by exchanging a traditional phone system for a phone, email messaging, voicemail, and video conferencing phone system — businesses receive all of this without the need to purchase costly hardware

Cloud and Hosted

  • Offers unified communications solutions that combine voice, video conferencing, and wireless technology
  • Enables businesses to decrease communication costs and improve communication efficiency
  • Polycom, Cisco and Grandstream VoIP Phones

Factory Refurbished Phone Systems

Factory refurbished phone systems do not necessarily mean used and outdated. We thoroughly inspect each factory refurbished component and perform tests on the phone system, testing each part individually to ensure complete functionality. We also test and configure the phone systems and phone lines.

Refurbished phone systems

  • Avaya Partner
  • Nortel BCM
  • Nortel Norstar
  • Vodavi Starplus
  • All phone systems come with the same warranty as our new phone systems.

Paging AND INTERCOM Systems

Paging systems benefit educational institutions, clinics, hospitals, offices, grocery stores, retail stores, factories, conference rooms, distribution centers, and any environment where there is a need to make announcements. We install both single-zone and multi-zone paging systems.

Bogen and Valcom

  • Enables communication throughout the building
  • Allows different areas of the building to receive a different message
  • Offers the ability to control volume and program different zones for music


hardwired voice and data network is essential for reliable communications with employees and customers.

Commscope, Ubiquiti, Openmesh

  • Mesh Wifi Networking with Cloud management
  • Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 cabling
  • Professional cabling services and Wifi access point installation

Wireless Systems

Wireless systems offer increased mobility by allowing employees to move around the workplace freely using a handset and a cordless phone to communicate with others. Wireless capabilities range from 300 feet to one mile, thus enabling people to connect with their guests or staff with ease.

Plantronics and EnGenuis

  • Increases productivity
  • Improves communication